LendingMetrics’ ADP integrates Credit Kudos data

6th October 2021

Finance providers are now able to use LendingMetrics’ Auto Decision Platform to call Credit Kudos data for use with assisted decisioning.

Providers can now utilise ADP to use the data available to them from Credit Kudos’ suite of products appropriately in their decisioning, such as Open Banking data which includes credit scoring, effectively using financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness.

Clients are already seeing the benefits of the complex integrations and are combining them with LendingMetrics’ own CRA data platform The LendingMetrics Exchange (LMX) to include multi-bureau credit search information in their decisioning. With all of this facilitated within ADP, the multi-award-winning intelligent solution is now more comprehensive than ever.

David Wylie, Commercial Director of LendingMetrics, said “This enhanced integration will give our customer base an unrivalled and ever increasing range of data sources. Once they have gained the necessary authorisations, they’ll be able to seamlessly include more award-winning technology in their decision making and, in doing so, take their businesses to the next level.”