Webio launches conversational payments platform

29th March 2019

Webio has launched ‘WebioPay’ its latest platform addition. WebioPay’ offers a complete way for contact centres and large enterprises to collect customer payments quickly, conveniently and securely with over 120 global PSPs(Payment Service Providers) using Webio’s conversational payments skill. The new platform is designed to optimise customer payments by giving businesses the ability to bring live payment requests and processing into any customer conversations in any channel.

At its heart this conversational payment skill is making it easier for businesses, contact centre agents or even chatbots to send customer payment links as they interact with customers in real time, whether that is messaging conversation in SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, RCS messaging etc., an on-line chat or even on a phone call. This ability to enable collections agents and teams to instantly send a payment request to customers is invaluable. It positively impacts on collection rates and delivers a superior customer experience.

Clients who have already used conversational payments are reporting a significant increase in customer payments and a time-saving component on the agents’ side. Agents are no longer spending large amounts of time organising customer payment options but instead are sending simple payment requests as soon as the customer agrees to pay, right there in the conversation.

Commenting on this latest releasePaul Sweeney, EVP of Product at Webio said “Taking customer payments has become a complex and difficult to maintain process. Getting customers to engage is difficult enough and with the added complexity of PCI compliance requirements adds yet another layer to the challenge.”

“Webio clients can now easily add their existing PSPs or choose from any combination of over 120 global payment gateway providers with a few simple clicks. No longer tied to one PSP, the business now has the flexibility to change payment gateways as the business, payment strategies and customers evolve. A uniquely Webio offering”