With the 2018 deadline just around the corner, 2017 is set to be a crucial make or break time for lenders who are implementing IFRS 9.

Many firms have begun their parallel run phase by now and are beginning to understand and finesse their approach to the new requirements. However, research shows there are still many who are lagging behind.

Wherever you are on your IFRS 9 journey, the experience from early adopters along with advice from their service and software providers can shed light on key issues and challenges. Jaywing has created a new guide ‘How to get ahead with IFRS 9’ which covers nine lessons learned from our work with over a dozen lenders on IFRS 9 implementation.  Within the guide we cover:

  • How to judge the right level of proportionality
  • Leveraging existing tools and practices
  • Why you need to audit data as early as possible
  • How to use model validation and sensitivity techniques

Nevan McBride, Head of Risk Practice, Jaywing

Download a copy of the white paper here.

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