The Bar Council appoints Thrings and VWV

13th February 2017

Thrings and Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) have been appointed by The Bar Council to provide debt recovery services to its members, including all barristers and chambers in England and Wales.

Paul Mosson, Director of Services from The Bar Council said “Our members need assurance that when we appoint an Affinity Partner, we are rigorous and commercial in our assessment. We were impressed with the experience and quality demonstrated by VWV and feel confident that our members will benefit from the appointment.”

Dee Kundi, Partner and Head of VWV’s Debt Recovery team said: “We have an award winning Debt Recovery team at VWV, and we look forward to demonstrating to our professional colleagues what expertise we can bring, to recovering their debts, whilst being completely clear and transparent on costs.”

Ramona Derbyshire, litigation partner at Thrings, added: “Thrings is very pleased to have been appointed to the Bar Council’s panel of approved solicitors’ firms for debt recovery. Our team of specialists is looking forward to forging strong working relationships with barristers and Bar Council members. The recovery of outstanding fees is a new area for barristers, who can often feel exposed when payment is due. Thrings has been appointed by the Bar Council on the strength of its expertise in this area, and we welcome the opportunity to support and provide practical guidance to barristers during the often sensitive process of debt recovery.”