2020 Credit & Collections Technology Company Power List announced

27th November 2020

Credit Connect has announced its annual Credit & Collections Technology company power list for 2020. The section edition of the power list is a round-up of the most prominent innovating companies within credit and collections technology.

Credit Connect has identified the top 20 ‘Premier’ innovators highlighting the achievements and successes of the top-performing companies.The list has been compiled from the Credit & Collections Technology Awards results from the past four years and is a culmination of research undertaken by Credit Connect to analyse the performance of finalists and winners of the Awards. Individual company accomplishments have been evidenced through awards shortlisting (in some cases demonstrating partnerships) and by winning the Awards.

The company power list acts as an index of technological innovation achievement recognising companies for the progression of industry standards and excellence.

Enhanced profiles of the top 20 ‘premier companies and a league table will also be available as part of a report which also comprehensively reviews the 2020 Credit & Collection Technology Awards will be available in mid-December. The Awards review highlights the unique transparency of the Credit & Collections Technology Awards with graphics on the winning companies accompanied by judges companies. The awards rigorous and transparent process enables each company who enters the awards an opportunity to receive a bespoke company performance report upon request.

Colin White Founder at Credit Connect said “The annual guide provides a snapshot of the technology innovators within credit and collections – it showcases who is leading the way with innovations and have backed up their status by entering the awards. Finalists and winners have provided measurable data within this process. The companies that have made the top 20 ‘premier’ list this year are now highlighted by their dedication to innovation. All the companies listed have provided solutions that have helped to enhance the best customer outcome through lending or collections processes.”

“The top 20 companies are a diverse mix of companies that have enhanced technological innovation.”

The list will is updated annually. Companies looking to be included in the 2021 edition of the power list will need to enter the 2021 awards. Entries will open on Thursday 28th January with the 2021 official category list announced on Tuesday 7th January on the Credit & Collections Technology Awards website.

The 2020 Premier Power Top 20 companies are (in alphabetical order, league table to be produced as part of the Awards review):

  • Aire
  • Aryza Group
  • Callminer
  • CCS
  • Credit Kudos
  • CRS (Credit Resource Solutions)
  • Divido
  • Elanev
  • Esendex
  • IE Hub
  • Innovation Software
  • Jaywing
  • LendingMetrics
  • Modulr
  • MotoNovo Finance
  • Paylink Solutions
  • SmartSearch
  • TransUnion
  • Webio
  • Zoot

For more details on the awards and the power list. Call 01622 437014 or email colin.white@credit-connect.co.uk