Anglia UK achieves ISO accreditation

13th December 2016

Anglia UK has achieved a industry-leading accreditation for the safety and security of its data handling. The Spalding-based vehicle credit management specialist has become the first in its industry to achieve ISO 27001 in recognition of its stringent approach to confidential data handling and IT management. 

ISO is an independent benchmarking company that gives world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

Anglia UK Managing Director Mark Scotney said the accreditation gives customers reassurance their data will always remain confidential and that Anglia can continue to operate in the event of any threats or emergency situations.  “ISO 27001 goes much further than just having a secure IT network. It closely examines key business processes and the measures that are in place to ensure they continue to function.”

 The accreditation, which took 12 months to achieve, involves analysis of a range of potential threats to the business from loss of power supply through to cyber-attacks and physical theft of equipment and hardware. It also ensures that staff are fully trained and regularly tested on their knowledge of risk management. As part of its commitment to business continuity, Anglia UK has also established a special “disaster recovery” site where head office staff can be relocated at short notice to continue their day to day work.

Scotney added: “While many companies pay lip service to data security, we have gone that extra mile to achieve a standard of security that is beyond the reach of many similar sized businesses.”

Established in 1997, Anglia UK has grown from a small regional operator to one of the country’s largest credit management firms, turning over £4.5 million per year. It provides credit management, repossession and vehicle transport services to a range of major banks and car finance companies.