NewDay launches credit building feature with TransUnion

26th February 2021

Consumer credit provider NewDay has launched Aqua Coach, which uses credit information from TransUnion to help its Aqua customers learn how to build their credit score.

Through the Aqua brand, NewDay provides credit to consumers that may not be served by mainstream lenders. Aqua Coach gives these customers access to their credit score, and highlights the key factors affecting it, using the Score Factors tool delivered via TransUnion’s CreditView platform.

By making it easy to identify the biggest influences on their credit score, Aqua customers can understand what they are doing well and what they can improve.

Kelli Fielding, Managing Director of Consumer Interactive at TransUnion said “To help consumers build their credit status, it’s essential they have the tools to regularly view their credit score, alongside the knowledge of how credit scores work and their impact on financial decisions.”

“By incorporating these into Aqua Coach, NewDay is empowering Aqua customers to improve their credit score and manage their financial standing.”

“The financial pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic have raised awareness of the importance of monitoring and managing your credit profile. In addition to the increase in frequency that we’ve seen, we also found, in terms of engagement with credit scores, that four million UK consumers checked their credit score for the first time during the initial national lockdown period.”

Ian Corfield, Chief commercial Officer at NewDay said “At NewDay, our purpose is to help people be better with credit across a range of needs. With the launch of our Aqua Coach tool, in partnership with TransUnion, we have the ability to help even more customers build and improve their credit score. The feature gives customers direct access to their score in the Aqua app. They can also see factors impacting their score, so they can take the steps to improve their position. Aqua Coach gives us a platform to continue to innovate and improve the credit building experience for our customers.”