PayPlan to become Trauma Research partner

29th September 2023

Debt advice provider, PayPlan has committed its support to Trauma Research UK by becoming its first referral partner.

Trauma Research is a national charity dedicated to making a difference, providing support and recovery programmes to those who are suffering or have experienced trauma. The partnership means all Trauma Research UK clients who flag outstanding debts are referred directly to PayPlan for support.

Peter Munro, PayPlan’s Partnerships Director, said “We are delighted to be Trauma Research UK’s first referral partner, and our partnership signifies a step towards continued holistic support for those in need.”

“By collaborating, we are combining our expertise in debt advice with their dedicated focus on trauma support. Working together allows us to address financial challenges and the emotional and psychological aspects of recovery. We are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on the lives of individuals who have experienced trauma.”

Natalie Sentance, Front Line Manager (SAT) at PayPlan said: “As a mentor at Trauma Research UK and Front Line Manager at PayPlan, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that individuals facing trauma endure, including the burden of debt.”

“Joining forces with Trauma Research UK in this referral partnership is a significant step toward addressing the intertwined issues of trauma and financial difficulty. Together, we can offer comprehensive support, guiding individuals on their journey to recovery, both emotionally and financially.”

“It will be a stress-free process for the customer, and we will be able to support them through their journey.”