TotallyMoney and Lendable agree credit building partnership

22nd October 2021

Credit app, TotallyMoney has announced API integration partnership with loan and credit card platform, Lendable.

TotallyMoney’s API integration for Lendable’s ‘Level’ credit card will provide greater transparency as customers will be shown the APR they’ll get before application. In addition to this they can find out if they’re pre-approved for the offer, meaning a more personalised experience that helps them move towards their financial goals.

This is a stark contrast to the market norm where only 51% get the advertised APR. With the other 49% potentially receiving a higher and more expensive rate after being accepted.

This is the latest in a series of API integrations from TotallyMoney, as it continues to promote transparency through its work with lenders while developing its award-winning app and proprietary ranking algorithm, MatchFactor.

Through TotallyMoney’s credit app users can track their live report and score for free, forever and those who use their Level card responsibly, stay within their limit and make repayments on time may see their credit score improve.

Commenting on the integration, Chris Meurice, Chief Marketing Officer at Lendable said “Lendable’s goal is to provide customers with better financial products and integrating the Level credit card with TotallyMoney’s simple API solution is the next important step as we bring further transparency and therefore control to customers in a market that is historically complicated and opaque.”

Qin Su, Commercial Director at TotallyMoney said “At TotallyMoney, we’re on a mission to help everyone move their money forwards and this latest partnership takes us a step closer to that goal. We’re proud to announce this API integration to bring the Level card to our service. Like TotallyMoney, Lendable works hard to ensure customers can harness the power of their own data to improve their own financial lives.”

“Those with a not-so-perfect credit history have a new product that offers pre-approval and guaranteed rates. Customers will know their chance of being accepted and the APR they’re being offered. This improves lender-customer transparency and removes any post-acceptance surprises.”