Water Plus agrees debt management partnership with Flexys

29th June 2023

Business water retailer Water Plus has agreed to a deal with Flexys to use the company’s debt management technology infrastructure and customer journey technology.

Water Plus is the UK’s largest B2B water retailer, serving more than 700,000 customer supply points in England and Scotland.

James Hill, CEO of Flexys, said “We are pleased to support Water Plus’s vision to create a state-of-the-art debt management operation that will help them deliver the very best service to their customers when they need it most. The B2B water sector has a diverse customer base, from multinational manufacturers to corner shops, and each customer expects and deserves to be treated according to their particular circumstances. Water Plus is positioned to lead the field in this respect, and it is rewarding for the whole Flexys team to be involved in this transformational  project.”

Jamie Gibson, Managing Director of SME and Small Corporates at Water said“Amongst a range of steps we’re taking to enhance customer service and engagement, Flexys Control+ helps update customer account information much more quickly to support great customer conversations with the latest information and reduces the need for the data updates our colleagues were making. We’re seeing good initial results with our customer interactions from our partnership with Flexys on this project, and our teams are liking the live updates on account information.”

“The Flexys platform enables the business to view all our customers at every step, much more easily throughout their journey, which helps with our approach and enhancements around customer experience. As it’s dynamic, we can also respond more effectively to changing economic backdrops our customers operate in. It gives our customer teams a single view of customers, their payment history and any current arrangements, which helps us work with customers more effectively, including delivering really informed conversations that can also cover payment options available for organisations.”