Meaningful conversations in a regulated world

30th August 2023

The financial services sector stands as one of the most intricately regulated industries, both within the UK and internationally. This rigorous oversight extends across two primary dimensions: the overarching regulatory framework governing the entirety of a company’s operations, and the pivotal focus on the individuals engaging directly with customers.

Within the sector of debt recovery, Debt Collection Agencies (DCAs) find themselves working with a multitude of regulatory bodies. These bodies collectively shape the tenor of daily interactions with customers. It’s imperative to recognize that while regulatory compliance remains paramount in any business, the dynamics of communication—both spoken and written—transcend the mere checklist approach of adhering to rules.

At The Zinc Training Academy, we believe that our training for Customer Account Managers helps them handle the different parts of conversations well. This helps our staff have meaningful talks with customers. We don’t want our conversations to only follow what regulators say; we want them to also be helpful to the customer. This idea has shaped the way we’ve designed our training. It’s not just about following rules and keeping customers safe, but also about building real connections that understand each customer’s unique needs. This kind of approach helps us get the best results.

Our core belief is that learning doesn’t stop after finishing the initial training. Everyone at Zinc, no matter their job, takes part in training that explains how we should talk to customers and why we do it the way we do. There are two parts to this ongoing learning. First, there’s regular training to remind the whole team about the newest rules and what we’re learning internally. This helps us keep getting better. Second, for those who want to grow in their careers at our company and in the larger industry, we offer training that focuses on career growth.

In short, training should cover everything – following rules and also talking to people in a caring and meaningful way. Here at The Zinc Training Academy, we’ve adopted this idea, and we’ve trained a group of Customer Account Managers who combine following rules with making customers feel valued. We think this mix doesn’t just mean following rules, but also making sure customers have a good experience, building strong relationships, and helping our company and the whole industry move forward.

Scott Jamieson, Head of Training at The Zinc Group