Enforcement Conduct Board welcomes secondment appointment

6th June 2023

The Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB) Chief Executive Officer Chris Nichols has welcomed David Parkin on a full time secondment for up to 12 months.

Until recently, Parkin was the Deputy Director for Civil Justice and Law Policy at the Ministry of Justice.

Chris Nichols said “David brings a wealth of experience to the ECB – having worked across a wide range of civil justice issues and policy areas. He is a well-known figure across the enforcement industry, and we have welcomed his ongoing support from the creation of the ECB through to today. I am looking forward to welcoming him to the team and working with him to advance our critical mission.”

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Justice for allowing this secondment to take place – a sign of the strong partnership between the Ministry of Justice and the ECB in the collective effort of making sure everyone experiencing enforcement action is fairly treated.”

Parkin added “I was fortunate enough to speak at the panel event that launched the ECB in early 2022 where I emphasised the need for the ECB to build consensus and define standards. I look forward to working with Chris and the ECB to continue to make gains in these areas and more.”

“My secondment is a demonstration of the investment of the Ministry of Justice in the ECB’s success. I welcome the opportunity to contribute directly to the ECB’s vital aim of improving standards and fairness across enforcement,” says David Parkin.”