More than 782,000 Scottish people expect to increase credit card use

22nd March 2023

Over 782,000 adults in Scotland expect to see their credit card use increase during the cost of living crisis according to new analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

The research found that an estimated 782,529 adults in Scotland expect to increase their credit card use. Previous research from the charity found that close to half a million adults in Scotland expected to go into debt during the cost of living crisis.

CAS financial health spokesperson Jemiel Benison said “We went straight from the pandemic to the worst cost of living crisis in living memory and that has worn people’s financial resilience down to a point where they are really struggling.”

“In some cases people are relying on credit card debt for essential spending like their food, energy or housing bills. With interest rates having gone up, that makes every single payment even more expensive on top of the impact inflation is having on things.

“It is easy to be cynical and think there is no help out there for you, but one in six people who sought advice last year from the Citizens Advice network saw a financial gain, the average value of which was over £4,200.”