One in four concerned they won’t be able to pay their energy bills

28th September 2023

Latest data from, energy efficiency platform, Snugg has found that many people feel they are wasting money on energy bills because of their home’s poor energy efficiency. And while most would like to make their home more efficient, there is mass confusion over how and what help is available.

The research found that 32% feel that they’re wasting money on energy bills because of their home’s poor energy efficiency

A further 29% are worried they won’t be able to afford to pay their energy bills this winter because of their home’s poor energy efficiency and 26% are struggling to pay their energy bills right now.

Whilsy 48% switched off their heating for extended periods of time last winter, to save money, despite feeling cold.

Robin Peters, CEO, Snugg, said “Sellers’ lack of access to available information on home energy efficiency changes risks slowing an already spluttering property market – with home energy efficiency improvements known to increase value by up to £15,000. At the same time, homes in the UK rank amongst the worst in Europe for energy efficiency – responsible for more than a fifth of the UK’s CO2 emissions.”

“It’s little wonder people are confused when current grant schemes are uncoordinated and the government’s ever-shifting position on net zero provides little certainty or clarity to homeowners. It’s vital that we ensure everyone has access to the knowledge needed for simple and affordable home changes that can both help boost the property market and accelerate our transition to net zero.”

“The lack of knowledge around home energy efficiency changes was even more prevalent across Brits more widely. The research found that only a third (35%) of Brits understand how energy efficient heat pumps work, compared to 70% of people who understand a gas boiler. The same knowledge gap was seen amongst likely sellers, but with a smaller discrepancy (78%) knew how a gas boiler worked vs 60% who understood heat pumps.”

“More than two-fifths (42%) of respondents don’t know what their home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is, and almost a fifth (16%) had never heard of one before taking the survey. Only a fifth of Brits (21%) know how much they could receive in grants for home heating, with lack of awareness about what is available highest in the North East of England (81%) followed by East of England (75%).”