Record 3.1m food banks parcels shared

15th May 2024

Latest data from the Trussell Trust has shown that the charity has distributed more than 3.1 million emergency food parcels to people facing hardship,  an increase of 94% over the past five years. 

This is the most parcels ever distributed by the network in a year and nearly double the number compared to five years ago. The figures showed that between April 2023 and March 2024, the number of people who used a food bank for the first time was 655,000.

More than 1.1 million of these parcels were distributed for children.

Emma Revie, Chief Executive at Trussell Trust said “It’s 2024 and we’re facing historically high levels of food bank need. As a society, we cannot allow this to continue. We must not let food banks become the new norm. As we approach the next UK general election, we urgently need all political leaders to set out how they will build a future where no one needs a food bank to survive. Voters want to see a change and we need cross-government action at all levels to deliver it. We know what’s pushing people to food banks, so we know what needs to change.

“A supportive social security system is the bedrock on which we end hunger for good. Building on this, we need much more effective employment and financial support for parents, carers and disabled people, and action to ensure everyone can have the security we all need to access opportunities and have hope for the future, through more secure and flexible jobs and investment in social housing.

“Food banks are not the answer. They will be there to support people as long as they are needed, but our political leaders must take bold action to build a future where everyone has enough money to afford the life’s essentials. The time to act is now.”