Record 6.7m falling behind on household bills

19th March 2024

New polling by Debt Justice indicated that a record 6.7 million people in Britain are now in financial difficulty. 

The polling conducted for Debt Awareness Week indicates that 13% of people have missed three or more credit or bill payments over the past six months. 

Debt Justice’s ,anifesto calls on all political parties to make a commitment to address the crisis by ensuring that everyone weighed down by unmanageable debt can have a fresh start, that they provide protection from debt collector harassment and guarantee decent incomes for all.

The polling shows that government action on debt would have strong public support across all ages, classes, regions, current debt status and amongst voters of all political parties. 

More than eight in ten (83%) agreed that the government should ensure everyone pushed into unmanageable debt can access fair debt solutions to reset their finances and rebuild their lives. In a likely election year, almost half (49%) said it would make them more likely to support a political party committed to this policy.

85% agreed that the government should ensure free, impartial, high quality debt advice is available in every community.

A further 77% agreed that the government should ensure everyone can meet essential costs such as food, energy and housing, without being pushed into debt.

Whilst 69% agreed that the government should ensure everyone pushed into unmanageable debt is protected from creditor and bailiff harassment.

Joe Cox, Senior Policy Officer for Debt Justice said “The household debt crisis is becoming ever more entrenched and polling shows there is strong public support to address it. We need to see policies in party manifestos that can match the scale of the UK’s household debt emergency. As millions of people are currently weighed down by debt and under intolerable strain, it is time for some political leadership.”