Rise in unsustainable budgets

25th May 2023

A new report by Christians Against Poverty (CAP) report has revealed a sharp rise in unsustainable budgets with the average person £242 short each month

The research found that there has been a rise in the proportion of CAP client budgets that are unsustainable each year over the past five years, apart from 2020 when the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit was in place. Since its removal and with the cost of living crisis accelerating from 2021, the speed of this trend has increased substantially in the past two years.

It also highlights the urgent needs of people in the fight against the devastation many are facing, through a policy review of income and social security measures.

The charity is launching a campaign to ​‘take on poverty’ as its client report shows low incomes and rising costs are devastating lives. CAP wants the UK Government and major opposition parties to make tackling poverty a key priority in their manifestos to show their commitment to helping people recover from the current cost of living crisis. CAP is calling for a review of social security and of minimum wages, to see them set in line with the Minimum Income Standard so that they will always cover the basics.

Gareth McNab Director of External Affairs at CAP said ​“Poverty steals people’s dignity, freedom and hope. It damages and shortens lives. That’s why we are fighting against it with everything we have!”