Eight in ten CFOs embracing AI and automated processes

New research by Sage has found that that eight in ten CFOs are embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated processes to gain time to focus on more valuable tasks. This additional time enables them to develop the critical skills necessary for success in more senior executive leadership, such as being appointed CEO, however only 49%…

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FEATURE: Using AI to improve consumer lending outcomes and drive financial inclusion 

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the way consumer loans have been offered and priced has been quietly revolutionised, opening up opportunities for more consumer-centric, personalised products. As a data scientist and advanced analytics consultant to the banking industry, I’m fascinated by modern AI tools and their ability to give pricing committees a much deeper view of their…

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Quarter of finance professionals fear AI could put them out of a job

19th September 2023 Consumer Lending | #AI#featured

Almost a quarter (23%) of senior finance professionals fear that artificial intelligence (AI) could put them out of a job, despite 24% of finance functions already underway with onboarding the new technology and 51% planning to in the next 12 months. These are among the findings of new research commissioned by AccountsIQ. The research found that…

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